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Tijuana Donkey Show What is the Tijuana. penis penetrates a (sometimes kidnapped) women. at the time, we wanted to see the mythical donkey show.A donkey show is a live performance of bestiality between a woman and a donkey who is coaxed into having sexual intercourse with her.

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As it is, I will just occasionally google Monica Mattos Horse and stay home.I rather stay in the dark on that one thank you very much and I also am going to make sure to stay away from Tijuana.

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Local taxi drivers offer tourists a ride to see a donkey show in the red light district.Tijuana is merely a con or a scam for wily Mexicans making a quick buck off ignorant tourists.

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They started playing the donkey song (see attached) and this chick comes running out and starts trying to blow guys at every table.

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A donkey show is a form of sex tourism entertainment in Tijuana, Mexico involving bestiality with a donkey.Warning - thread The Tijuana Donkey Show. might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

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