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Unfortunately, these products can ruin some clothes and fabrics.

The biggest complaint I have received from readers is that while dryer sheets would eliminate static cling, the wool dryer balls do not.We all enjoy static-free, soft laundry, but dryer sheets are not the only way to accomplish this.This Static Guard spray is effective on laundry, pet hair and all sorts of other material.

This results in the build-up of a low-level electrical charge known as static.

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This can features the original fragrance for a pleasant scent. There are.You can simply spray a clean washcloth, sock, pre-cut piece of cloth, or any other garment with vinegar.

Whenever there is any buildup of electrical charges on your fabric, static will start to form on your laundry which is very annoyance and it frustrates you even more once your clothes start to cling onto your body.Static Guard Spray, 5.5 oz, makes it easier for you to keep your clothes separate.You can also eliminate static from building up in the dryer by attaching a few safety pins to a small towel or washcloth and toss in the dryer along with your laundry.I know from experience that the wool Fluff and Tumble dryer balls reduce static but do not completely eliminate it.

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The makers of Dryer Balls claim their product will soften your clothes and make them dry faster, without the use of chemicals.

The vinegar in the dryer will keep static down—and remember, the vinegar smell will be gone once things are dry. 7. Soap Nuts.The same forces that cause lightning storms cause static cling in clothes, but whether you love a lightning storm or cringe at the first flash, no one wants that same static electricity in their laundry basket or hovering between a sock and pants leg. Yes,. Stray electrons build up in the atmosphere.

Having fresh, static free laundry can make a huge difference in your day.This charge can be suddenly discharged (such as when a lightning bolt flashes through the sky) or it can cause two objects to.Fabric softeners make laundry feel soft and fluffy, reduce static cling and leave them smell great.

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A staple in any homemade cleaning arsenal, distilled white vinegar is a multitasking must-have for your laundry routine.

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If you must don clingy clothing, fight static buildup by running a wire hanger over your clothes either right before or shortly after you put them on.

I always clean out the lint traps in the dryer after every use because a back up of lint in the line can cause a fire but not static.

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By Dr. Mercola. A dry climate or cold weather may increase the amount of static cling you find in your clothes.I never use dryer sheets and I tend to leave a load of clothes in the dryer.